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Pics of Live Music and assorted nonsense

I will try to give the photographer credit where due, but this is basically just a collection of my favourite music images with a few i took on my own travels thrown in.


Killswitch Engage- Ozzfest 03

Adam West/Trassels ft. Dave Champion Finland

Lords of the New Church. (Brian James had gone to bed) StevenMarque we left somewhere

Nik Royale (Hellacopters) Jake Starr (Adam West) Stockholm (by S Peterson)

Bass Player

Zorro- Switzerland (by S Petersen)

Impaler- 20th anniversary. St Paul MN

Cocknoose- Belgium

Steve Lisbon

Rock City Morgue

Sober Three and Hot Dog Leonard (by 3 and HDL)

Jesus playing Bass (by Ursula Mutti)

Adam West Rocking Madrid

Jools Cooper, Geoff Britton (Wings), Greg Ridley (Humble Pie) (by Mauro)

Another crazy bass player (S petersen)


WHOARDE- Ripping it up in Shankies

Retrograde- Radio Borders Sessions 96 (check out Daves waistcoat)